faeries are one of the oldest supernatural beings, almost as old as demons and angels themselves. nobody knows where the faeries originated from; maybe it was from earth itself, maybe it was something else entirely. but everyone knows that they are ancient. the truth is that the faeries come from another world entirely, though over the years they have made their place on earth and have been mingling with humans for centuries upon centuries. faeries are separated usually by what courts they pledge their loyalties to. the courts are known as seelie and unseelie, though not all faeries have to align themselves with anything -- some may very well be neutral.

The Seelie Court: the seelie court is ruled by the summer and spring court faeries. these are faeries who are born during the summer seasons. seelie court faeries are typically friendlier than their counterparts. they will have no qualms in sharing their world with humans and with other supernatural types. some might even choose to breed and procreate with humans, which results in half-faerie/half-human hybrids being born.

The Unseelie Court: the unseelie court is a court which broke away from the seelie court several hundred years ago. they are the "crueler" faeries. the unseelie fae are the ones you hear about in folklore; the fae who will turn you into a tree or kill you for stepping too close into their terrotory. typically, the faeries who are associated with this court are of autumn and winter. unseelie faeries are often malevolent, and will shun anyone who isn't fae.

Weaknesses: being too alluring to vampires, having a powerful smell that might draw a vampire to them. a faerie's blood is a highly coveted thing to supernaturals. to most other supernatural beings, a faerie will smell absolutely divine. to vampires, they are almost irresistable. when a supernatrual drinks the blood of a faerie, they will often experience a euphoria. on top of that, a faerie's blood will allow a vampire to walk in sunlight for a short period of time, and the older the faerie is, the more potent and powerful of a high they will experience.

Abilities: telepathy, flight, precognition, sunburst, pyrokinesis, teleportation, nature manipulation, animal communication, opening portals into the faerie realms.