hunters are humans who know about the supernatural, and work in their own ways to bring them down. they have been around for centuries, across the entire world and have been hunting supernatural things in various sorts of way, from hunting vampires to witches and werewolves and some might even argue, ghosts as well. though widespread, hunters are involved in a lot of things involving the supernatural, and even sometimes dabble in the occult if they know a witch who can help them by giving them items or markings on their bodies as a form of protection against evil. hunters are not to be taken lightly by supernatural beings. they are skillful at what they do, and their knowledge is vast in the field that they have devoted their entire life to. also, how hunters gather varies. while some are solitary hunters, others work in groups and have whole brotherhoods and fraternities dedicated to their line of work.

Weaknesses: natural mortal weaknesses

Abilities: hand to hand combat, knowledge on the supernatural, knowledge on using weapons and vast expansive knowledge on how to take down supernatural creatures and beings