Shifters are humans who can shape shift freely and at will into various other animals. Shifters are not limited to any sort of animal, however the more they shift in one day, the more fatigued they will become from it. Also, even though shifters can freely change into any animal they choose, does not mean they won't have to adjust to certain things such as swimming as an aquatic animal or flight as a bird. Unlike the lycans, a shifter's transformation is much more fluid, and practically painless. Most weaknesses which apply to other supernatural things, also apply to shifters: silver will burn and eventually, give them necrotic wounds. If not removed soon enough, the shifter can be at risk of losing certain limbs or body parts. Unlike werewolves, shifters are born with their ability by way of having two parents that are also shifters and are not turned by being bitten by another shifter.

Unlike vampires and other unholy beings, shifters can live their lives as normal humans and won't feel an urge compelling them to feast or change against their will. Also, a shifter can be present in and around holy areas or objects. shape shifting into humans, however, is very difficult and takes a great deal of concentration and ability for the shifter to pull it off. If a shift is done incorrectly, the shifter will be met with a great deal of pain and sometimes even deformation. there are instances when shifters will specialize in only one shift. this is usually in large families and the animals which they specialize in can vary.

Weaknesses: silver, normal mortal weaknesses

Abilities: shapeshifting into dangerous animals, heightened senses, animal communication, skin walking, thick hide, night vision, self-healing