Vampires cannot go into the sun, period. If a vampire does go into the sun, they will burn upon immediate exposure to the sun. UV/bright lights will have a similar effect, causing severe pain and burning but won't cause them to catch on fire as quickly as the sun. A vampire must feed every night, otherwise they will become ill. If a vampire goes for a prolonged period of time without feeding, they will become weaker and weaker.

Their appearance will grow more grotesque, with protruding veins, pallid skin, and red eyes. They will become more ravenous looking until they feed, or they will wither away and eventually, die. This is a very painful process for the vampire until they feed and become more like themselves again. The blood a vampire drinks can only be from a beating heart; if a vampire drinks blood from a human that has been dead for some time, they will become sick. This isn't as bad for them as not feeding, but is still very unpleasant. A vampire cannot cross onto holy ground, such as churches. Holy items, such as crosses and holy water, will burn their skin and the pain will be excruciating. Silver also hurts a vampire, causing a necrotic infection the longer they are exposed to silver touching their skin. Just like in most lore, vampires are immortal, some living up to thousands of years. Vampires still have reflections and can still show up in photos. Vampires are not repelled by garlic.

A vampire's fangs can be withdrawn similar to a way a cat's claws can, and will retract into their gums. A vampire's fangs will be exposed/withdrawn in the following settings: when they are startled, during sex, when they are hungry, when they are angry/fighting, and when they are about to feed. A vampire's fangs are sharp, and used to pierce the skin so the vampire may drink freely from the wound. A well fed vampire is a very attractive person.

They have a mysterious allure to them, which helps to draw in their victims. To change into a vampire, a human must be on the brink of death. They will need to feed on the vampire's blood, while the vampire feeds on their own blood, and then the process begins. The process will take 48 hours and will be immensely painful as the human's body dies. While enduring the process, the human cannot be exposed to any light, as it will hurt their skin. When they changing process is finally done, the newly sired vampire will need to feed on fresh human blood immediately, or they will die within the next 24 hours.

A vampire may also heal mortals with their blood. To do so, they will offer their blood to a mortal who is injured but not quite close enough to death yet to the point that their blood might cause a transformation. Doing this will cause a temporary blood-bonding link between them for a short period of time, depending on the amount of blood consumed as well as the frequency in which this is done. During the time that the vampire and mortal is bonded, they will be affected by a series of things: aphrodisiac-like effects as well as a strong, sexual attraction towards the vampire, dreams of the vampire, telepathic connection and empathic connection.

Lastly, a vampire's blood is a very potent and sought after thing, by both supernaturals and mortals who know of it's existence. Though some mortals don't realize it is actual vampire blood, they still refer to it by the street drug name known simply as V. V's effect causes an immense euphoric high to the imbiber, and can be very, very addictive. When a vampire cries, their tears are blood instead of a normal human's tears, and finally, when a vampire is staked or meets what they call a "true death," they explode into a pile of blood and tissue. vampires can also heal others with their blood, but this has its consequences. those who come into contact with a vampire's blood will have strong dreams about them - typically sexual.

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Weaknesses: the sun, silver, holy objects, holy sites, holy buildings, fire, stake to the heart and decapitation

Abilities: superhuman speed, strength, reflexes, mind control (glamouring), empathy, telekinesis, telepathy, flight, shapeshifting (mist, bat, wolf), invisibility, technomancy, light manipulation, darkness manipulation, illusions, wall crawling.

** note: the vampire's main abilities consist of super strength, speed, reflexes, heightened senses and glamoring along with one extra ability from the list above!