Obscurum is a supernatural themed community. Our themes will deal with a lot of dark situations such as violence and horror related subjects. As such, we ask that you realize this while coming into the game. However, all dark related material will be marked as such, to avoid any triggering or making situations uncomfortable for anyone. We ask that all applicants be 18+ as we wil be dealing with a lot of dark, disturbing and mature content.

Obscurum takes place in a fictional town alled Elmswood, Colorado. Elmswood is a sleepy, quaint town located in the mountains not too far from Breckenridge and is known for its fair share of ghosts, hauntings, and supernatural activity. Because it is such as mall town, everyone will know everyone and that makes it difficult to keep secrets. There are rumors abound, such as the eccentric people who practice witchcraft or the strange, large wolves that are sometimes seen during the full moon, or the pale faced strangers who never eat and only come out during the night. However, with such a quaint atmosphere, it isn't without its own share of problems too, such as those who are vying over territory. The witch families that don't get along, or the centuries old animosity between werewolves and vampires. Each side has its own loyalties to be expected. Will you join a side and fight?

before you apply

Basic information to remember before you apply we require either an ic or ooc journal usernanme. Please, no numbers or underscores in your username. If you have trouble locating a suitable journal name let us know, we will gladly help you or supply you with one to use. PB's must be with 5 years of their actual age and are over the age of 18. If you chose someone who is 18 and want to age them down, we will not accept your application. Regards for your character's information in the form of a blurb (ie. something that is more than just one paragraph is acceptable). We will accept detailed facts in the form of at least 10; but we also do not need every single little detail of your character's life and or exiistence (ie. their last bowel movement is a little much). Please keep this in the same post as your OOC contact, do not make multiple posts. Last key fact, backdate your ic contact post and your ooc contact post. If you do not know how to do this, we will help you and happily explain how to do this. We base our acceptance of your application upon your examples and your characters information. If you are not accepted, and would like to know why - we will gladly inform you.


Because this is such a laid back gpsl, there is currently no limit on characters however we do ask that you not take on anything more than what you can handle! While we're on the topic of characters we want to make it clear that because this is a dark, mature horror rp with supernatural beings etc, there will be a lot of dark themes such as murder and violence. Our rating is mature because we don't want to hold anyone back and would rather the writers be able to show their creativity. Can your character be a blood thirsty vampire? Absolutely. This doesn't mean, however, that you are required to write anyone who is evil -- we just want people to understand when coming into the rp that they are free to explore this if they want!


There are two types of Activity checks we will be doing. The first is a mid-month check-in, the second is commenting our activity tracker in the mod journal here. Please note, we will not be in charge of telling you to turn in your activity. That is your job, for you are an adult and we are not your babysitters. If you do not feel comfortable sharing your threads openly in the community, do not worry. We understand that sharing your writing can and is difficult. We ask that you at least remember to include the mod journal in on your custom, so we are able to see your threads and activity when you turn it in. Please, remember if you are posting anything that is nsfw please keep that off of our fp and in your journals. This maybe an adult theme, but no one wants to read your sex scenes.

hiatuses and extensions

an extension will not be granted two months in a row. we do understand that things come up sometimes, but we do ask that you understand your own schedule and what you can handle activity-wise before joining. hiatuses are also welcome up for four weeks. when requesting a hiatus, please comment the drop box with a date for when you intend to go on hiatus and when you will be returning.

general rules

at this point we expect that a majority of members have been roleplaying for some time and know how to properly conduct themselves, however we do reserve the right to remove any member who proves themselves to be disruptive to the community. if you encounter a situation where you feel someone is becoming blurry, harassing other members, or displaying triggering behaviors, please come to us with a record of what has been going on, including chat logs or screenshots if applicable, and we will discuss how to proceed with handling it. if we receive three substantiated complaints about a member they will be removed.