Before the dawn of man, there were been angels. As the Keepers and protectors of God’s will, they ruled beneath their messiah for eons. Long ago, they were permitted to live on Earth, until the time of Lucifer and the first demons. As Satan’s dark army rose the angels were called back to Heaven. The Lord needed time to build an army of his own. As the centuries flew by, the demons began to transform, becoming vampires, incubi, and succubi. And as the demons changed, the angels remained. But their numbers grew. A fleet of angels have been sent down to Earth in order to rally their earthbound comrades against the rising darkness. Angels have flawless skin, possess unearthly beauty, and have hair that feels softer than silk. They have an impressive wingspan, made up of feathers, and their coloring varies. Some angelic wings have been known to be 10+ feet long. However, most angels keep them hidden, out of fear of being discovered

Weaknesses: unholy things, certain spells, various physical weaknesses

Abilities: telekinesis, telepathy, invisibility, pyrokinesis, flight, dream walking, empathy, hypnotism, levitation, shadow form, cause harm, cause fear, possession, all demons will have superhuman strength and durability without it counting for their four abilities