In the beginning, there were only two species on earth, human and demon. The demons ruled with an iron-clawed fist, enslaving most of mankind and killing the rest. However, once (wo)man learned how to use magic, they began to fight back. This is where the line of slayers began. A coven of witches gathered a group of young women and together the witches endowed the young women with the essence of the demons. This gave the young women incredible strength, agility, the abiity to see into the future through prophetic dreams, as well as an enhanced healing ability. These women were then sent out to fight back against the demons and whenever one would fall another would be called to take her place. This group of women continued throughout the centuries, their line always growing. There is now thousands of slayers, operating in cities and towns all over the world. They mostly work alone, but some have been known to team up. Slayers are usually born into slaying families and the women in that family train their daughters, nieces, or granddaughters in the art of slaying.*

THE ART OF SLAYING: The Art of Slaying, or "TAOS", differs from family to family, but what it basically comes down to is fight style. Whether it's weapons, different approaches to hunting, or ways of interupting dreams each family has their own TAOS. And even though each slaying family's tactic is different, they all have the same basic goal: rid the world of evil. Or die trying. That's what's at the heart of TAOS. It is also the basis for teaching at Ashwood, although their's is more regimented.

Weaknesses: natural mortal weaknesses

Abilities: super human strength, super human reflexes, enhanced healing, prophetic dreams