A werewolf is a bipedal, large, wolf-like monster. They are drawn to, and weakened by the full moon, giving in to it's pull every time. A werewolf's transformation is very painful, as their bones and limbs will stretch, contort, and break as they literally transform into a full-bodied monster. Once a lycan is fully shifted into its form, they will become maddened. They crave flesh and blood, and will not leave their form until the full moon leaves the sky. During their transformation, memory loss will also take hold, and upon waking up the next day they will have no recollection of what happened the night before. Often, they wake up in the woods or a field somewhere, lost, disoriented, and naked. However, the older a werewolf is and the longer they live out their immortal existence, the easier it is to recollect their memories and control their transformation as well as their humanity.

This doesn't mean they will be able to fully resist a transformation, though, as their body will become sore much like the body does from a lack of exercise. Eventually, they will have to shapeshift. Lycans are weakest to silver, and only silver. Silver items exposed to the skin will cause necrotic infection and burning similar to the effect it holds on vampires. A silver bullet to the heart, or beheading with a silver blade is the only way to fully kill a werewolf as it causes immense pain and hinders their self-healing abilities.

When a were is in its full form, it may run up to tremendously fast speeds as well as possess super-human strength. The lifespan of a werewolf is similar to that of a vampire's in that they are immortal and ageless. The older a werewolf becomes, the more power they have over their transformations to the point that they can shift at will. A lycan however, can never, under any circumstances, ignore the call of the moon. On the days leading up to a werewolf's transformation, they will become agitated and fatigued, and their body will ache similar to the way a normal human's body feels from a lack of exercise, except magnified greatly.

Once their transformations are over, the werewolf will need a few days to recover before feeling normal and much like themselves again. To become a werewolf, one must be bitten by another fully fledged werewolf. After being bitten, the body will begin to undergo a series of strange things: the human will crave meat more frequently, and dream of running in fields and forests and being free, often times they will dream about the moon and werewolves, and wolves in general.

Weaknesses: silver, decapitation, vampire blood

Abilities: supernatural strength, enchanced agility, super speed, super stamina, regeneration, invulnerability, night vision, thick hide, enhanced durability, animal communication, command pack. (five max)