For thousands of years, demons have secretly ruled the earth. Their presence can be felt as close as down the street, all the way to the White House. There are many different types of demons and not all of them bad. Some demons have been converted and some were never evil to begin with. But the majority of demons aren’t white hats. They’ve evolved over the years so that they appear and sound completely human. However, demons are anything but human. They’re much older, crueler, and more powerful. The demons of the modern age have the most potent magic and they know how to wield.

Weaknesses: holy items, certain spells, silver

Abilities: telekinesis, telepathy, invisibility, pyrokinesis, flight, dream walking, empathy, hypnotism, levitation, shadow form, cause harm, cause fear, possession, all demons will have superhuman strength and durability without it counting for their four abilities