Magic is something that cannot be harnessed by most people. It is within the blood of witches, and runs through the bloodline of an entire family. Magic, or magical blood, is a genetic trait shared by families. This means that not any normal human can pick up a book about witchcraft and cast spells. If one does not possess the innate or natural ability to use magic, they will not be able to cast these spells.

Magical types can range in a wide variety of types of spells. One’s magical prowess, be the user male or female, will lie dormant in their system until they turn thirteen. Then the witch is given a power source, from which they draw their power in order to cast their spells. A witch’s power source can be anything. An item, such as a piece of jewelry, or even an animal such as a familiar.

The different types of magic are things such as dark magic, which would fall in the realm of hexes, blood magic, necromancy and things that are born of ill intent or selfish reasons. Not all types of magic have to be cruel or of malevolent intentions, however. There are also types of magic that utilize earth, or that are considered “white” magic, which are considered selfless and benevolent.

Weaknesses & Backlash: All witches have repercussions when they cast magic, but those who practice dark magic have it worse. What happens to the witch will vary, too. If a witch practices too much dark (or black) magic, they can suffer severe injuries, cramps, migraines and stabbing pains, broken bones, torn muscles and other physical injuries. Not all repercussions can be physical, though. Some are mental, such as severe insomnia, night terrors, hallucinations, hearing voices or having nightmares. As for weaknesses, witches suffer from being mortal and thus have only mortal weaknesses.

Magical Abilities & Elemental Information: magical abilties (ie. can vary). All witches find themselves connected to an element. These vary from earth, wind, water, or fire. A witch who is connected to a specific element, can conjure that element with ease. When a witch is closer to their element, they can feel stronger, and will be able to summon or conjure that element more easily. Not all witches are restricted to one element, but they won’t be able to conjure others as easily as what they are connected to.

Witch's Blood & Magical Properties: To some, specifically vampires, a witch's blood is highly addictive. If a vampire consumes a witch’s blood they will gain the magical prowess, albeit for a short time. Much like a faerie’s blood, witch blood is a delicacy among vampires. Once they have a taste for it, it is a hard habit to kick. (Please understand, this is heavily moderated by us. Anything that involves the use of magical blood we will be controlling with an iron fist. If you have an issue with this then please, speak with us about it.)

The Nystrom Family: Wealthy lawyers who come from old money and have built up their own wealth through their work and possibly through magical means as well. The Nystrom family trace their magical line back to not only Salem after their ancestors fled Salem during the witch trials and moved to Boston, before eventually settling down in Maine, but across the sea to Sweden as well. The Nystrom family is well known for their charming ways and powerful statures, they are strong and determined. Also very dangerous in and outside of the courtroom. Currently the patriarch of the family has passed away and no one knows for sure who is behind it.

The Hutchins Family: Wealthy Doctors who can also trace their line back to Salem, the Hutchins family is also one of the families who fled Salem for a new start away from the witch trials and the oppression. The Hutchins established themselves later in life in the middle of Camden, Maine. It was here that they became rather prominent doctors, producing cures and taking care of the humble townsfolk. However, many years ago the oldest son of the Hutchins family lost his wife due to unforeseen circumstances. He left Camden with his only daughter in tow, together they lived in New Orleans until he met a powerful VooDoo priestess. They soon married and had two children together. When word reached him of his family's demise he moved back to Camden in order to find the true culprit behind these deaths.